Monday, 26 February 2007

Lunar New Year Trip (2)

There is an vegetarian restaurant inside the Po Lin Temple. Interesting thing was there were 2 types of tickets.  There were many people there having kind of oily vegetarian food!

 Instead we had a break at the tea house in the Ngong Ping Village.  They do serve large varieties of tea but the food selection is quite limited! Not really recommend to go there again!

We ordered freshly baked wife cake together with the tea.
A kind of Yellow Tea called Huoshan Hung Ya (tastes lightly lighter than Green Tea).
Happy Journey and a very good start of the new year!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Lunar New Year Holiday Trip (1)

After having a long break during Lunar New Year, it's time to write something about the holiday before I forget them!
We wanted to have some fun this year instead of doing the "Bai Lin" activities, so we headed to the Lautau Island to say hello to Buddha! 
We had complimentary tickets from the hotel package bought with Novotel Hotel
I heard a gentleman said he started queuing around 11:30am when we were in the same Skyrail  (that meant we saved about 3 hours waiting in the queue).
2:00pm  Long queue indeed
2:30pm Beautiful Scenery
2:45 Some people walked up the hill! What an amazing journey!!
3:10pm Hey! Almost there!! It was very hot! 

Friday, 16 February 2007






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