Tuesday, 17 April 2007

【Day 5-6 London】The Gherkin

朋友C在倫敦的30 St Mary Axe工作多時,她常邀請我們到她office. 因為只有員工及其朋友才可以到office的頂樓have a drink,最大的賣點是可以欣賞360度的倫敦風景。


當地人叫這座建築物做 “Gherkin”,十分搶眼。

30 St Mary Axe is a landmark 40-storey office building in the heart of London’s financial centre, developed by Swiss Re and designed by architects Fosters and Partners.
It is London’s first environmentally sustainable tall building. Among the building’s most distinctive features are its windows, which open to allow natural ventilation to supplement the mechanical systems for a good part of the year.


【Day 7-13 Cambridge】Jesus College 住宿

在朋友的安排下,小女子有幸做了一星期的上等人,住了在Cambridge University 其中的一個書院﹣Jesus College。整天在看書,或在看學生們看書,確實吸了不少書卷氣






Wednesday, 11 April 2007

【Day 1- Day 4 Leamington Spa】舊地重遊

How wonderful to see nice and warm weather in England. 

Just finished lunch with my ex-colleage in a cottage-liked resturant in Kenilworth near the castle.

There are many thatched cottages on the way to the restaurant.

They look like houses in the fairy tale. Very charming!

Buildings were built during Victoria period.

Houses in Leamington Spa, a beautiful town about 1 hours by train from London.

The white house in the middle was where we lived before moving back to Hong Kong.
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